Fever Portrait

Since I’ve been traveling I’ve had a lot of time to think and learn more about what fulfills me and gives me the most joy out of my photography.  While I was in Essaouira I had the unexpected opportunity to meet and photograph another person passionate in what they do.  The name “Fever Portrait” was inspired from Moroccan chef, Mehdi Riad, enthusiastic about cooking and the artistic nature of the culinary display with different colors and presentation.  We talked about people and their passions and at a point he used the word “fever” to describe passion; he didn’t have to explain because I knew “having a fever” meant that the flame inside of you has been ignited and it’s almost impossible to put out.  After an afternoon of shopping for fresh fish from the port and veggies and spices from the market I captured him, with a fever, as he prepared lunch for us in a kitchen without what most would consider to be necessities.  I put down the camera a few times to help fan the flames of the fish that was cooking over the coals and then he put together 3 beautifully presented dishes.

I only had 2 days in Essaouira before moving on to my next destination but I already know that this is a place I will return to and spend more time in the future.  

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