Mercado Sagrado - Be Inspired and Heal

This time last year I attended Mercado Sagrado, a pop-up marketplace nestled in the Malibu Hills.  I had just finished a few months of traveling abroad and had come back to the states feeling a little lost and seeking inspiration and beauty.  Thankfully Mercado Sagrado fulfilled the void I was feeling inside and left me feeling whole again and filled with creative inspiration.  

Mercado Sagrado is a loving and healing affair with artisan crafts, handmade goods, healthy food, live music and workshops.  The Malibu Hills are brimming with energy, smiles and hugs.  It's a community of like-minded individuals that are passionate in what they do, open to collaboration and creating beauty. 

Mercado Sagrado is happening again this weekend and shouldn't be missed, the location is nestled in nature with wide open spaces allowing for creativity and inspiration to pour in.   You can find out more about their Annual Fair here and how to buy tickets for this Saturday and Sunday, November 4th and 5th.  

Here are a few snaps from last year's event: