New Year - Gratitude and Note to Self

  1. Making my self care a priority by working with my empowerment coach Kahila this year.

  2. Discovering the importance of meditation and yoga. Special thanks to Hot and Soul Yoga Center in Coronado and Saffron and Sage!

  3. Meeting Amy with Orenda Tribe and documenting and being a part of her journey to the rez.

  4. Working with Seth O’Byrne again and playing a larger and more integral role in the success of the team.

  5. Realizing my worth and value in all areas of my life.

  6. Grateful to have financial stability and re-invest in my creative projects.

  7. To have accomplished my goal of starting a podcast this year.

  8. Grateful for my trip to Oahu with Majestic Disorder.

  9. To have my photography printed and soon to be hanging in the office.

  10. To have the realization of what my priorities need to be this year to set a foundation for 2019 and the future: health and finances.

Note to Self

I value myself. I appreciate myself. I am a source of motivation and encouragement for myself. When I make a mistake I am gentle on myself. I always focus on the positive whenever negativity crops up. There’s no problem I can’t solve. I am deserving of love and appreciation. I am talented in my work and photography. I am worth of love. I am worth of light. I pursue my dreams and in turn the universe rewards me with gifts. I live a life of purpose. I practice and implement self love into my life by knowing my value and worth. I ask for things in my life that reflect that. I am in a position that provides me financial security and allows me to meet my financial goals. I am able to take breaks, work from home or disconnect when needed so I can recharge and focus on the things I love doing. I do this without fear and guilt. I fill my cup by doing yoga, meditating, traveling, partnering and connecting with my tribe. I am fulfilled by the photography work I do, the podcasts I record and the people I connect with. Doing these things ignite and lights me up from the inside so I am able to give to others and be a source of inspiration and encouragement.