Gena Pinheiro

Gena is a health coach and also the host during my time on the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores.  I stayed with her and husband Joao as part of a WorkAway program for 2 weeks.  My "work" in exchange for staying in their home was exploring the island, taking photos of Gena in fields and hydrangea lined paths and also taking photos of their dairy farm.  Click HERE to see more of my photos from my time there.  

Mehdi Riad

Mehdi is a not only a chef but what I consider a culinary artist.  His ingredients not only prepare a delicious meal but are used to create a visually stunning presentation as well.  I had the opportunity to join him for an afternoon of shopping for fresh ingredients and capture him as he prepared 3 dishes that engaged all the senses in a unique culinary experience.  Click HERE for more of this story and snapshots from Essaouira.  



Brian Brown

Brian is an interior designer and is the shoot that inspired me to work with other creatives.  He contacted me through a mutual friend and told me that he needed photos for his design studio but wanted more than your typical headshot.  We decided to meet at his home which was impeccably designed with a ton of great natural light.  I had him sit in front of me and told him "we're just going to have a conversation," as I snapped some photos.  We ended up talking about life, death, religion and self-esteem in about 2 hours with a few outfit changes.  This shoot set the tone for how I currently shoot now and hope to capture the essence of people in the future.  Thank you Brian for being instrumental in what ended up being a big part of my photography today.