My Journey

The travels began in 2008 with a trip to the Greek Islands with Contiki but it wasn't until 2011 when a trip to Paris fueled the desire to do something I was more passionate about.  That spring I began my journey with photography and made it a goal to travel to a new destination every year.  In 2015 I traveled solo for the first time on a 2 week trip to Salvador and a more remote beach town of Brazil.  During that trip I met strangers that invited me into their home for dinner and another solo travel that invited me to sit with her during lunch.  Since then I've traveled to 12 more countries, found family in complete strangers, discovering home in unfamiliar faces and ultimately realized the joy of not only creating images but connecting with the people that I photograph.  I'm looking forward to Connecting and Creating with YOU in whatever part of the world that may be!


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