Mehdi Riad


Chef - Morocco

Mehdi is a chef I met in Morocco and is the inspiration behind the name "Fever Portraits".  During a conversation over Moroccan mint tea in the seaside town of Essaouira, Mehdi described the fire and passion he has for the craft like "having a fever".  The next afternoon I joined him for an afternoon of shopping for fresh ingredients and captured him as he prepared 3 dishes that engaged all the senses in a unique culinary experience.  Read More of his story and snapshots from Essaouira.  



Walter Kenneth O'Dowd

brick and mason-san diego hair-san diego hair salon-alina mendoza-arose creative-7891.jpg

Downtown San Diego hair salon owner

Kenny and I met in 2014 when he assisted me as the hairstylist for a photoshoot.  Since then I've seen him grow his business and craft from opening Fox + Parlor in July 2014 and this year opening his second salon Brick + Mason on the same block in Downtown San Diego.  More of his story coming soon!


Brian Brown Studios


interior designer

Brian is an interior designer and is the shoot that inspired me to work with other creatives.  In 2013 he contacted me through a mutual friend and told me that he needed a headshot for his design studio but wanted more than your typical corporate shot.  We decided to meet at his home which was impeccably designed and with a ton of natural light.  I had him sit in front of me and told him "we're just going to have a conversation," as I snapped some photos.  We ended up talking about life, death, religion and self-esteem in about 2 hours.  This shoot set the tone for how I shoot now and hope to capture the essence of people in the future.


Peter Fabor

lisbon digital nomads-9797.jpg

Owner of Surf office

I met Peter during my first stay in Lisbon during the summer of 2016.  The coworking/coliving space Surf Office was my first introduction to the digital nomad lifestyle and an influential part of my journey and the work I do today.  More of his story and other digital nomads coming soon!



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